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Just touched down in Miami in my pink converse. That cost me $18! What a beautiful buy. Now I got some species that are not really speedos, they like Nike tights and shit. I am a real swimmer, I don’t dig stuff like that. If I have to swim, I rather have my speedos. Not to disrespect you Nike, but I really need my speedos. Now I am in Miami, again gonna go in search for some speedos. But before that I’m gonna wait for my gang to land, and then we gonna where Dave booked our Airbnb so we can start the T&T. You know what it is, tequila and tacos homies, don’t act like you don’t know.

Now since I am in Miami, let me try them Cuban sandwiches. Let me go to Pitbull restaurant and let me hook up with Rick Ross chicken wings. We hear for the Adventura Dance Cruise. We totally gonna jump on that boat and rock that boat once and for all. I’m gonna leave the rest to rest.

My people if you wanna inbox me please send me a message, imma try do a few posts, but once I’m on that boat, the party’s on and the phone is off. Just so my phone don’t fall in the water. I dunno which water, the alcohol water, the jacuzzi water, the ocean waters, all the waters and waters that I cannot tell.

Yes, my people stay tuned, imma send you a picture with my boy Kurt when he lands. My people if you are in Montreal don’t forget to go to Kitaba Wednesday with DJ the best gonna be rocking the house, and Flavie Mango will be leading the Kizomba Canada gang.

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