Bus part 2 | New York | Alan Cave


Listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers (Scar Tissue), crossings bridges getting to New York, electric⚡️cables like it’s 1999. Damn, the grass is tall and swoops left and right, now that’s a ride. The time they say we will arrive to NYC is not sure but let’s keep our fingers crossed we won’t be late.

Every time your boy goes to an event organized by others I still have goosebumps like if it was my own and excited that am going to meet new people and laugh 😂 a lot. Is that weird? Well, I guess I don’t care 🤷🏿‍♂️ but I think is dope. 3pm! Guess what, we touched down NYC 😂 😆 🤞🏿

Just going to walk and go to places like a lost man in Manhattan City looking for Batman & Robin, Luke Cage where you at? 😆 I’ll post some pictures for the ones that never been to NYC just yet. Cool.

Hasta Luego for now.


OMG last night was brutal. I met Alan Cave, ooooouccchhh tha boy is cray 😜 cool. We went to a spot called KOMPA Tuesday where every vagabond is in town, OMG 😲 paradise. I mean shittttt. I am from Montreal I think I know shiiiit. No boo boo 😒. Shit, these niggas and niggarets are on fire 🔥! Good fire though. We partied like no other, fights broke out 😇, I got a new drink 🍹 called strong 💪🏿 island 🌴. Uffffff.

Yeah, I don’t know if some guy had done something or not, but the security was looking for him. Meanwhile, me and my big mouth 👄 was just walking around #talkingshit. All of a sudden split second 💥 Alan just hold my shoulders and told me “stay here, don’t move” and a bottle crossed in front of my face. Yup. Some guy just threw a bottle, I don’t know why, and it was thisclose from hitting my face.🤞🏿 💥 I was like, “nigga this is wild!” Alan looked at me and said “this is New York”. Wow. I was like a little kid 🧒🏿 I just smiled and thought to myself “I love NYC”.

Currently woke up confused. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Shit where am I? then I realized am in NYC. shiiiiiiiiiiit, today is gonna be a day of stories…

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