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Woke up this morning rushing to New York but then realized that my workshop is only tomorrow so I said, Oh well, I can wait more. The real reason is because we miss our buss. Flavie didn’t wanna drive, so we decided to take the bus for less responsibilities because I never wake up on time to get the train and that’s that. Got there one minute after the bus left. And of course they not gonna stop the bus and then come back to pick us up, right? I mean, we not that famous. But who knows, one day.

Hey my people, let me talk to you about some shit. Do you know that we are doing these weekenders in different cities in America, right? Well apparently, I’m not gonna say what city, but one of the people helping us with our workshops told me that some folks have a problem with the way I talk, therefore they wanna mute Dr. Kizomba. But we talking about 2 or 3 people, like numbers that really don’t matter. But I really think that that’s crazy, so I had to share with you. Like mute me because I say nigga?! Fuck you, you ain’t got nothing else to do than try to hate. Even if the problem was “this dude doesn’t dance good or doesn’t teach good”, ok that’s a valid reason. But the way I talk? Listen, motherfuckers, blame it on BET, yes the Black Entertainment TV or some shit like that. Well, you know Dave Chappelle show and shit. Late night comic reel, best jokes ever. Katt Williams, you know, shit I don’t know what to tell you. Pretty much black shit, yeah. It’s all these niggas treating each other and calling each other like that and now you all in some kumbayay and how the world should go shit, sounding like new parents planning the life of their children, like the world is gonna be some perfect place. Fuck you. Let me talk. Let me be myself. I told Auntie Lisa that I was gonna cool off but I didn’t promise y’all motherfuckers anything so keep your hopes low, bitches.

Well going back to what I was gonna do in New York, its actually not New York, its actually New Jersey tho, why I keep saying NY, my god. We gonna teach some workshops kizomba semba kuduro and then party party party party partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. And all my gang gang is gonna come, my gang gang from NYC gonna come and turn up and we gonna have some drinks and you already know #drkizomba and the gang gang type of shit.

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