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In my brain after Gindungo. Am lost because it’s a mix of feelings. I am very proud to push the bar higher but remember: with every single success, people turn against you, even the ones close to you. Paranoid? yes indeed, but when things happen over and over again, it’s just like the weather – when you know it’s about to rain you can actually smell it…

I called my big brother Jalane today to speak about something that was on my mind about a family member. Of course I’m not telling you what! Family business stays in the family, halooo, empire shiiiiit. But I told my brother, I am the new Nicolas (Nicolas is my older brother, a big promoter in Angola). My big brother told me, “no you are Dr Kizomba, the one, you don’t need to rewrite no history. This is your history. Enjoy your time. little brother.” That really cut me off guard. Jalane, you always know what to say. When I call you, I always feel better after talking to you. The pilar of my family…

There you go. I am still traveling but this was on my brain so I had to tell you.

Listening to Bad Bunny RLNDT…

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