Mozambique Cyclone Idai

Our hearts goes to Mozambique because most of the Cyclone Idai has hit destroyed and devastated this beautiful country and killed 1000 and counting and we know this is Africa and we know more than 1000 people died, come on my people. That’s the count that they estimated so that you and me can have an idea of how much, but in reality let’s just not go there. At this time I really wanna take my time to find ways to help Mozambique because Mozambique and Angola are brother and sister and this could happen to us like it happened to them.
Keep your head up Mozambique, the countries around are doing what they can to help and your sons outside of the continent are donating what they can so that we can make a stronger Africa.
It hurts me when things like that happen. That’s one of the times where working in a community is the only thing that can help us. Usually all the time, but sometimes we can make it work solo. But in a devastating situation like that, all the help is necessary. Folks, help my neighbour country, do what you can do, look for places to donate so that we can make a better Mozambique for tomorrow. There’s kids there, my people, there’s kids.
I’m gonna leave this note with a little statistics so that you can be better informed.
▪️Starting on the evening of March 14, Cyclone Idai made landfall in Beira, Mozambique, a coastal city of half a million people. The fierce storm pummeled Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe with strong winds and rains.
▪️President Filipe Nyusi of Mozambique estimated that 1,000 people in his country had been killed, and the toll could rise as floodwaters drain away and reveal more bodies. The actual number of dead may never be known.
▪️Five cholera cases were discovered in Munhava, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the port city. The World Health Organization has warned of a “second disaster” if potentially lethal, waterborne diseases like cholera spread in the devastated region. 900,000 oral cholera vaccines were expected to arrive this week.
▪️Beira remains accessibly primarily by air and sea. Even more challenging was reaching rural communities, some of them still without contact with the outside world.
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