Day 32 | Gindungo: 2 pre-parties to go

Good day good day good day! Day thirty-motherfucking-two. Gindungo is here. Booze free and smoke free. And I am gonna give it up to my festival, because I made some promises to some people that I gotta keep. It’s not about me anymore but it’s about my people, I gotta do it for them.

My post today stated it like that: “If you wanna make everybody happy, don’t be a leader. Sell ice cream.” And that’s for every single motherfucker that is running in the pack or every single team that wants to do an individual personal bullshit. No you don’t play a team match doing solo shit. You just not fit into the lion’s pack. Go fuck yourself and be a solo artist. Because that’s where you belong. Be a motherfucking swimmer, so you can swim against your own time. Don’t come into NBA, don’t come into FIFA. Well, that said, I guess you got the memo.

On the other hand, GINDUNGO IS HERE MY PEOPLE. Officially today is day 1 but we got 2 days to go. We got two pre-parties to attend. One tonight at Kitaba and one tomorrow at Baila Con Gusto. Mi Gente, don’t get it twisted. These parties are not included in the full pass. Get your Canadians 💵 ready. Welcome to the capital of kizomba in North America aka Montreal. I am the mayor. Don’t worry, it’s still my government. You gonna experience an amazing event. Full of peppers pan your face.

On another note, come and meet the amazing venue Espace des Arts, the best venue on the planet earth, because it is the official Dr Kizomba house for about 7 years going on 8 right now. And come and meet my babies, the Kizomba Canada clan. Don’t get it twisted, son of a bull is a bulldog. They look sweet, cute and amazing, but don’t get too close because they bite if they smell you disrespecting. Come on Mi Gente, you know I was fucking around!😂

Come and enjoy Kizomba Canada and this is our festival. Today is day 1 with the Kitaba Gindungo edition. Let’s have some fun, my people. Let’s have some FUN!💥

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