Day 62 | Mexico, Day 2 | Birthday Boy

Good morning Mi Gente!

Literally this was the first early workshop I ever had in my life. 10 o’clock on a Friday morning, started to teach semba in Mexico. I dunno where all these people came from, but they were there by 9:30 waiting at the door. Ate a little bit in between, took a breakfast, and at noon continued with kizomba. And they were still there! Tyler and Misha were waiting for us, already at the reception, and they are still here. And now we in bed, waiting for the pool party. And Tyler is asking if there is a pool party?! It’s my birthday, bitch. It’s my birthday. There is gonna be a pool party.

I am going to be honest with y’all: it feels tiring being popular. So many alerts on my notifications, if I could convert all these notifications into a dollar each, I would be a rich nigga! I was just joking, but I got 5,000 on Manuel Dos Santos, another 5,000 on Manual Dos Santos III, 5,000 on Dr Kizomba, 8,000 on Kizomba Canada and 2,000 more on Manuel & Flavie… let’s calculate that, that would be with rounding over 25,000 dollars, that would be the greatest birthday present ever for your boy, that would make me so happy!

It’s my 35, aka I am officially fucking old. Respect me bitches. Old man without white hair, and still possess 6-pack, bitches. Y’all fucking 20 year olds looking older than me, bitches. Ok, Misha told me to be nice to my fans, bitches. Misha is 33, young-ass bitch, living like an old woman, she’s getting married. I am an Aries + Taurus, means a bull on fire! And I got a nose ring to back it up. So don’t fuck with my sign, literally. I’m saying that with my Wakanda accent. Li-terally.

On another note, for everyone that uses this site, thank you so much for your comments, it means so much to me, and blah blah blah. I really don’t care because all my life I’ve been making sure have been good and taken care of. I forgot myself in the process, so all this is new to me, the loving myself type of shit, even though some of you motherfuckers don’t believe it, but it’s true. So, I’m in Mexico, bitches. The weather is very nice, the food is very nice, and tequila is for free, and I’m not fucking drinking. On my birthday. Can you imagine how fucked up that is? But for my 35 years, I think I had enough tequila all my life. #Tyler so now it’s his turn to catch up with my liver, this boy gotta long way to go. But this nigga been drinking moonshine, so that counts like 20 tequilas in one, take the long road, walking dead. And please, fake people, stop wishing me happy birthday, man! I am talking about the fake ones.

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