Day 63 | Mexico: Day 3

Good morning, mi Gente, afternoon by now. Yesterday’s workshops were off the chain. Mexico is off the chain. Today we have one more workshop, kuduro. I didn’t want to eat breakfast because I wanna kill these people right now, one more last time. Today we are gonna do 2 shows back to back. One with […]

Day 62 | Mexico, Day 2 | Birthday Boy

Good morning Mi Gente! Literally this was the first early workshop I ever had in my life. 10 o’clock on a Friday morning, started to teach semba in Mexico. I dunno where all these people came from, but they were there by 9:30 waiting at the door. Ate a little bit in between, took a […]

Day 61 | Mexico

The trip was amazing. Couldn’t see anything, slept all the way because we had to leave the house around 5 oclock. We had an amazing night with the Kitaba social last night, a lot of people came. Was one of the nights where I danced the most. They did an amazing birthday surprise in the […]