Day 61 | Mexico

The trip was amazing. Couldn’t see anything, slept all the way because we had to leave the house around 5 oclock. We had an amazing night with the Kitaba social last night, a lot of people came. Was one of the nights where I danced the most. They did an amazing birthday surprise in the middle of my free class. If you wanna see a little bit of that, tune into the drkizomba #live from last night and you guys will be able to see more how Kizomba Canada team surprised me.🎂

Now the current situation. We already arrived in Mexico. The weather is splendid. Now just finished my workout, you know I had to do the back #gangstaphysique. Your boy still working out outside of Montreal. An amazing day number 6 of working out. An amazing day 61 of soberness, even though as soon as I got to Mexico they started offering me tequila at the airport. One of my favorite drinks. 😫And at the hotel, everything is included so they keep on asking me for more drinks. I just order fruity juice and I guess the bartender couldn’t understand, with all these free drinks, this nigga asking for juice?!😂

Now I am gonna go upstairs and take a shower and come out to start the preparty and wait for Tyler and Misha who are coming tomorrow. That’s Dsantos Dance CA. 😉

That is pretty much the current situation.

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