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Good day Mi Gente. BIG. San Antonio. My brother Lee did it again. I want to thank Semenya, the staff. This event was absolutely off the chain. The pool parties were insane crazy. I saw myself dancing a lot of salsa, bachata including some kizomba as well. It was amazing. I like events like that, especially when it’s an event from my brother and you know what if you in Texas this is an event to keep on your calendar because I am going to be going there for life.

Shit, I just got some news from back home that a dear childhood friend colleague passed away. Man. His name was Laredo. Him, myself, Zé Tumba and Manikas were basically best friends growing up as children. And now one of us has passed away. That thing dévastés me, that thing definitely dévastés me. Sad day. My condolences to him and his family, I called them directly when I got the news, I spoke to his brother and cousin. RIP Laredo, that guy was a soldier. Pour some liquor for Laredo.

I think I’m still drunk from this weekend in San Antonio because my words are coming out very slow and I’m thirsty as fuck. I just finished drinking water and I gotta get some carrot juice soon. What a weekend. My friend Curt came into the room with two gallons of vodka. Ho boy, you can imagine how that weekend finished. Flavie said I was super annoying at the airport, apparently I was talking to everyone, videotaping kids, playing with some girl’s head because she Haitian but she don’t speak Spanish she only speak Creole. I guess I was a little annoying. But hey, when my brain gets together I will do a video or a live. Today is Semba so I will post some videos. Let me just recuperate or refocusate.

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