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I almost forgot about an important #drkizomba lover that I just meant in Lisbon from Finland. Her name Jonna. While I was dancing at the clubs, Jonna messaged me and she told me she knew me from and I had no clue and that the year before she had gone to Amsterdam because Manuel & Flavie were listed on a festival down there, but we couldn’t attend for reasons that you don’t need to know. Jonna told me she was in Lisbon and we had danced together at Krystal.  I kept in contact with Jonna to make sure that everything is ok and we end up doing a private and Jonna and her boyfriend just invited Dr. Kizomba to Finland. Isn’t that amazing Mi Gente?
After this I’m gonna post a video of me and Jonna doing a private. Jonna, Jo Jo Jonna.
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