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Where do I start. This is the realist shit I ever wrote about my life. I always cry about my father and really miss him but I hate to admit that the nigga that I followed all my life is my brother Jalane. I hate it so much because he is just like me, it’s like you see a mirror but you don’t accept the reality. I got mad at him this weekend and then realized that that’s how people feel about me when I piss them off. Jalane taught me how to talk, run, rob and be a free spirit and yes as well dance. The head shake I have came from him. Brother I am proud of your new project with Sarisari because you are the one that made me follow my dreams even when you did not agreed with my lifestyle but hey life goes on…

Mom, I wasn’t able to see you. It now just hit me on the plane. I am crying because 14 years is a lot for a mama not to see her youngest son. No mother can live like this. This is fucked up, mom. Yeah I am crying because it hit me hard now that am going back to Canada where I gotta put a smile on my face and shake hands of people that don’t like me. Mom I am tired of been fake. Mama I just wanna be with you and smell you and eat your food. I know I never ask you for anything and you felt so proud when I got your medicine, you even called me and thanked me mom. People that was not a happy post that was sad and just hit me on the way back because now I know how much I miss my family. I had one friend that died, Killa B. I have one mentor that died, Albert Torres. I have a step dad that passed, Tarique Aparício. Please if there is a force make me see my mom. The pain is real.

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