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Hey hey heyyyyyyyy. Blogging time my people.

I’m actually going to Portugal tonight, to Lisbon. To go see my mom. Take her to the hospital , do her all checkups. Spend a total of 11 days with mommy. Be a good boy again. Not drinking or smoking in front of my mom. Not even knowing anything about weed, I don’t wanna have that conversation. I’m a good boy now. Yeah. Don’t talk to me about alcohol, well, I might have a few drinks on the plane because she only landing on the 5th, so I can still turn up. Oh great news I already have 3-4 workshops lined up in Lisbon. Stay tuned for flyers because the Portuguese niggas they got my back like crazyyyyyyyyyyyy. I’m talking about the Portuguese niggas from Portugal. I already know it’s gonna be off the chain. Oh my god, my Cape Verdean girls are gonna be there, they got my back like crazy. Home sweet home… tonight!

On the other note, this picture right here that I have about Kitaba, my boy Lionel is in class, don’t skip Kitaba this week. My boy Lionel is in town, and he’s actually teaching the semba class tonight. This picture was captured last week or the week before at Kitaba night. Well Davido is by far the best photographer right now in Canada. This boy grew under my eyes, I vouch for him. But look at the picture of the niggadom. That melanin look like, yes I’m talkin about beautiful black people coming together. Now look at the white chocolate in between, that looks like an Oreo cookie in the dark. Now don’t sleep because we got Asians too, and Haitains too, and Latinos too, the Latinos are on deck and let’s not forget about the owners of the building, the Quebecois are in heavy and funny. This is Kitaba for you, please make sure you be there tomorrow. Just be there today and tomorrow. Punto final.

I’m going to see my mom. Yay!

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