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It’s typical that we already know that black people like chicken. Chicken is a very respectful animal in the niggaland because I don’t know what we would do without chicken. Let me think for one second how life would be without chicken, I’m talking from the black perspective in the niggaland. I cannot get chicken fingers, I cannot get chicken noodle soup, I cannog get a chicken paté or a chicken pie, no let’s stop this conversation, it’s impossible not to have chicken in the niggaland. Because I am in Toronto right now and the chicken wings are on fire. That’s what I miss a lot, that good Stella on the tap and the chicken wings, watching a game on TV with your friends, oh lord. I miss that Toronto life.
Here’s your boy #drkizomba unapologetic motherfucker on my traveling blog. Gonna tell you about everything I see, no filters. No bull no bias. Come and rock with Dr. Kizomba. And gang gang, for the people that just following me right now, it’s not always about jokes or making it funny or opening up that extra 20% of your brain, but you guys can really go and try out my online classes at drkizomba.com/learn. We got the beginner intermediate advanced classes, and these are so cheap. You guys have 8 weeks for each, and after you finish that, you can jump on the 100 moves, 1 move a week, or you can watch the whole 100 moves at one time which I don’t recommend. After the 24 weeks of beginner intermediate advanced, you still gonna have 100 weeks to go.
And yes, stay tuned for more posting, I’m gonna be speaking my mind. We gonna be doing #backtolisbon, another #travelblog series. We going to remember everything that happened last time, when your doctor was #stuckinlisbon.
“Wake up in the morning I got Lisbon on my mind…”
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