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“Wake up in the morning I got murder on my mind…”

Good day Montreal, the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining really hard. It’s like I’m in a foreign country. Oh! Guess what? It’s summertime.

Current situation : lost in the airport of YUL aka Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau, getting ready for my trip to Lisbon. Calm down my people it’s not yet it’s on Tuesday. Now I’m just going to Toronto get some shit to bring it to my mom. You know, when you are going to see your mom, family members, everybody they have something to give. And I told myself that I will not lose another 6 hours of my life on that bus. I become divo like that, I don’t wanna lose a quarter of my day stuck in a bus no more. That’s the same time it takes me to get to Europe, or Latin America or even United States. All in all it’s because I’m getting old, and when you get old you start becoming tired and that’s really what’s going on.

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