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Good day Mi Gente.

Thank you so much for the kind comments that you put on the post of my mom. Well, the funny thing is that a neighbor saw that post, translated it – I’m talking about a neighbor in Angola – sent it to her mama and her mom walked straight up in my crib and showed my mom the post. And my mama called me! And asked me, “shit, you ok nigga?” I told you guys my mama gangsta! She was like “little nigga, listen. I miss you too.” I was like “uh oh, my mom is on drugs” Because that woman never say I miss you. I was waiting for the next punch line and she was like “but you can call more often, you know.” She had some good news for me. She was like “it’s true, I’m feeling kinda lonely here too. I’m gonna rent out this big ole house that you guys grew up into it, and some of you guys were born into it, and I’m gonna buy me a condo in Lisbon. So you can come any time and you have a house in Lisbon with your mama’s food.” I was like, now we talking. And the conversation just got sweeter.

Well this was pretty much the update since all y’all were so kind on my talking to myself post. Thank you so much for reading and paying attention. It meant a lot to me.

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