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Mama I really miss you. I see everyone able to see their mama but I didn’t smell you since 2005 when I left. You came to pick me up and I run away I know that killed you am sorry but I had to mama. They where telling you that your son was lost because I just wanna to dance and you never look at dance like the way I did and you thought that I was gonna end up on the streets asking for money because of the pressure that my other family members that couldn’t understand my passion. Edith Nicolau here as your last born I know I gave you a lot of trouble, am sorry mama I miss you and fake like am strong but am fucking weak listening to Prodígio Olhos Azuis with tears in my eyes realizing that part of my anger is the fact that I need you in my life there is no tattoo that can cover my pain there is no rant that can make me feel better. The only time you spoke about dance with me was about kizomba and you told me to fix that problem and I became Dr Kizomba I am so proud that they told me that u watched me and Flavie on AfricAdançar and called my all hood at the house. You were watching with tears and proud of your son mama. Mama I am your son. You are my reason of life mama. I just hope that anyone reading this post if your mom is next to you just hug her and kiss her for me because am empty from inside and took me a lot to write this post, I mean a lot of tears…

Mama I love you and am sorry…

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