Back to Lisbon | #stuckinlisbon | Almost Missed My Flight

Do you wanna hear the story? Ok my people let’s go.

Landed in Montreal from Toronto at 2something almost ‪3pm‬. Rushing to the house so that I can get my stuff and of course get ready and pack the bag, well I lied the bag was already pack and get all my stuff together, say bye to everybody, saying bye to Flavie, running to the barber shop… this motherfucker late, like always. I go there, he’s not there. He’s from Congo. I waited for him about 30 minutes and there you go, he show up all swaggered up like everything is ok. I tell him, bro I gotta go to Lisbon right now, I have my flight. He’s like don’t worry, he start playing the Congolese music which I adore. But the thing is his speakers they would stop. And every time they would stop, wait he would stop cutting my hair and go and fix his speakers. And then, the messed up part, I noticed, he would just restart all over again. Like he forget what part of my head he was located. And then here’s my face wanting to complain, but you know, he’s an old African man, and you already know the drill, gotta respect your elders and he don’t take no bullshit for an answer. So I was actually shocked but you know what, knowing where I am from, I just shut up and let him take his time, cuz if I was gonna say anything, he was gonna take even more time. One hour later, my man is finished with my head. I only have 25% of hair on my head, and he took one hour, switching the music, doing all that shenanigans, I’m like ok cool, that’s amazing, let me just shut up and look at this crazy.

Done talking about my barber, I jumped into an Uber. The uber driver was from Tchad so I know this motherfucker got middle eastern driving skills. So I told him, my brother, I’m going to be late for my flight because of my barber, can you please utilize everything you learn in Tchad on this highway right now. My brother from Tchad did a ralley on this bitch. He made that highway look like a drifting playground. He got me to the airport in time. But just in time for me to play my bullshit.

Now at the desk, you know you need to be one hour before, if you have a luggage, right? Well…

#backtolisbon | #stuckinlisbon | #almostmissedmyflight

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