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Good day Mi Gente. At this particular moment I’m staring at the sun right and I’m looking into a purple tree just outside of my window listening to Prince Kiyee Banamoya. Don’t forget to download this shit, this is a banger right here, this is a banger!

We got great news for you. Mama Edith’s visa will granted tomorrow and we trying to get her to come before I leave but this one is gonna be a tough one. But again thank you so much prayers, thank you so much for your love, I still got my head up. Hopefully I see her at least one day, since we talking everyday it would be nice to hug her and give her two kisses, from the little one. Well, I’m not that little no more. But I still miss my mum.

On. The other note, wooooow. Mi Gente, Dr Kizomba just officially met Titika. If you guys don’t know Titika, she is one of the most popular artists in Angola. At Mwangole, you know that club I was at all the time when I was #stuckinlisbon. My heart was smiling, I was dancing with everyone. You know your boy #drkizomba, always with a smile on my face, always enjoying a good dance. But something particular happened to me because Bebucho Q Quia was in the building and he was performing. You know your boy loves his afrohouse. Here I was in the presence of an icon, I was dancing and smiling. Bebucho Q Quia even called me on stage so I could do my afrohouse and kuduro because we were vibing, him on stage and me in front dancing like a little kid, singing all the songs and enjoying my culture with my people. And then comes the highlight of the night: Titika asked me to dance. Her words were “Dude, you are killing it on the dancefloor. Please let’s dance so I can experience you because you an amazing dancer.” I was like, wow. Ok, that’s extra special. I dunno what’s happening right here but ok. I was a little overwhelmed.

But we danced. Titika can dance! Angolans are the toughest crowd in the universe. When they don’t like what you do, they will come tell you. They don’t have no filter, you can kinda sense that in me too. Now everyone time I went to the washroom, the guys including the bartenders would ask me “Dude show me some moves you killing it! Did you just come from Angola?” I said no, I actually live in Canada. Their eyes would open “how can you live in Canada and still dance like this?” Those words mean a lot to me. Internal tears because I’ve worked so hard to be here, and to get these compliments from my fellow countrymen and women, it’s just so surreal. Whether you like it or not, we all have insecurities. For many years my haters would whisper in the corner that I’m not a good dancer, I don’t know how to dance. I bet they can’t say nothing no more. Because if I have the approval of the Angolans… Internal tears.

Tonight, I will be teaching on the other side of the beach Vasco Da Gama. I will do my workshop. Stay tuned, I will post the flyer right here. If you in Lisbon, come learn some moves from your boy. And afterwards let’s have beer. And after that I’m headed Bairro Latino, it is a club. And then go back to bed and wait for Mama’s news.

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