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Another chapter of my life ceased. Last night I was supposed to go dance but I called my other brother. The real doctor, he’s a real military doctor and on top of that he’s a sergeant in the army, yeah that’s right, put some respect on the Dos Santos name if you don’t wanna go in Angola and magically disappear. #notjoking. I didn’t see my brother since 2015 because last time I was in Lisbon he was in Angola. But when I came I had time to play with my beautiful nieces which one of them is tall almost at my shoulder and both of them graduated with honors at an early age and they still continue to excel. Both of them are swimming, following their uncle’s footsteps and they really enjoying and wanting to continue. Man I miss these 2 girls. As you can see in the picture they were really young and in this other picture is how they look now. And my brother he’s just not fucking aging, he’s 49 without a fucking wrinkle on his face. Can you believe that is 49 almost fucking 50?! Man, my genes are amazing. No, I’m not giving you a baby, the melanin stay in between us.

We drank so much last night, we talked so much shit, man I enjoyed his company. The man that taught me to comb my hair. While everyone else would comb my hair I was screaming, but when he did it, he did it with some water or oil or magic and shit, and my Afro came out spotless! The man that hardly received a whooping from my mom because he was always studying. True story.

Ok I can tell you so many stories about my family but please marinate on this one so I can tell you more stories later. Today is my mom’s birthday. If you read till now, please write “Happy Birthday to Mama Edith”. Edith like the French name, Edith. But don’t forget the Mama before. And don’t forget the 3 dots…

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