Day 59 | Almost Home and Nostalgic

Kudos to Andrea, a friend of a friend, that hooked up Dr Kizomba with a gold classic digital Casio watch #mykindagift. Of course I slept wearing the watch and it would beep every hour scaring the shit outta me. Last night, I feel asleep on the couch, cuddling my vodka watermelon, watching my new love, the tv show Suits. The PlayStation was on all night long. Exactly like when I was in college. As soon as I opened my eyes and looked at my gold watch I started thinking about Lupe Fiasco. I loved that artist so much, I bought all his albums. I’m talking about CDs and vinyls. I listened to his song Kick, Push from his first album Food & Liquor every day as I’d make my way from my home near Ryerson to my classes at York on my skateboard, I’d kick, push and coast. On Lupe Fiasco’s next CD, the Cool, my other favorite song, Gold Watch. 😉🎼Memories they live like people too. They always remember you whether things are good or bad. 🎼

We have one day to go. Today I’m having flashbacks of all that happened on this project #stuckinlisbon. Almost gives me tears in my eyes, to find out I have less than 24 hours to go till I have to go to the airport but also gives me joy to find out I am going home. Still eating my vodka watermelon with a smile on my face, packing my clothes into my bags, and enjoying the last bit of sun in this amazing city Lisbon. As a goodbye to the ocean, I put my feet in the cold water. Like Honey Boo Boo used to say “I want that thing in front of my house”. Tonight, my last party is at @Bleza, one of the coolest places to say goodbye to Lisbon nightlife.

My readers and readeresses, this is my last post before the plane. I thank y’all for this amazing journey. I didn’t feel alone bc I was thinking of y’all when I was writing these notes. From the fbk to the IG to the social media you guys showed me a lot of unconditional love. Thank you to every single person for all your love and support. I will never forget what y’all did.

Mtl get ready for your finest doctor. He’s gonna be in the building soon… Mi Gente, stay tuned for more stories about Dr Kizomba’s welcome home.

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First published on Facebook on July 30th, 2017.

Photo cred: Ludmila Tolentino

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