Grand Theft Auto | Mayhem | Disturbing the Peace

I was hanging out with my homies in Paris, some of you guys already know Mr. Tecas, Morenasso, my old school Holland brother from another mother Santos. The 4 of us were, you know, having fun in Paris, driving all day, going to get a lot of stuff, going all over the place. We got tired after all this running up and down so we went downtown in Paris because Tecas know a spot where we could get some cheap food that looks very expensive. Downtown Paris on a expensive street. Here we are hanging out, we finish the food. You know Angolans, we were standing in the street, saying buy because Morenasso had to go home and me Tecas and Santos were supposed to go to a party. To make a long story short, without us knowing, next to us was the African Bonnie and Clyde aka Blue Mamadou and Manamado. Morenasso’s car was parked, and we were talking. We just saw this car coming back really slowly towards us. Without knowing, we were looking at the back of this old car with that ball that you use to hook it up to another ball, I think it is called a hitch ball. The car backed it, it was just 3 seconds and then boom! Hits Morenasso car, the hitch ball gets inside of Morenasso’s cars grill, we were like WTF. Blue Mamadou then drives forward, ripping the ball out of the grill. We called the dude, and he got out of the car, and Morenasso asked him “did you know what you just did?” And he gave us attitude like he was the last African Samouri. That nigga was even skinnier than Tecas, and that’s almost impossible, but it was possible. He was looking Morenasso like “what you gonna do, qu’est-ce tu vas faire? it’s nothing”. In France, they have an agreement that if you get into an accident, you just have to fill out a form that you both sign and you don’t have to get the police involved. Morenasso was getting heated too, but he said “I don’t wanna have a fight with you, let’s just sign the paper, you give me your info, and then you pay me the amount I am gonna have to pay to repair my grill and that’s it.” Then Bonnie aka Manamado got out of the car, she had a bag with her. The guy was like, “ok, I don’t have my driver’s license with me, but you can put her driver licence.” I look at him, and I was like, this nigga don’t even have a license. My Canadian side kicked in right away, and I was all “hell no, you do the crime, you do the time, you don’t put this on her, she wasn’t even driving. If you don’t have a driver’s license then we gonna have to call the police.” But we didn’t know they were the African Bonnie and Clyde.

That’s when the situation changed. Bonnie started to get aggressive. The dude was starting to get very confident, but you know me, I’m from the hood. Me and Santos were twice his side and we still had Morenasso and Tecas too. That means 4 Angolans, very aggressive, against Mamadou. You know Mamadou was gonna get fucked up. But then my Canadian side kicked in, and I told my guys “don’t touch this dude, because he is looking for trouble so that he can turn the situation and say that we touched him. Let’s stay professional.” That was my Canadian side talking, not my Angolan side. I told Morenasso to call the police and let the cops deal with that situation. As soon as we mention police, Mamadou changed his gangsta side and called us bro, mon frère, after disrespecting us. But Morenasso was already on the phone with the cops, we were not having it, the dude was too arrogant. All of a sudden, Clyde told Bonnie, “hold the bag” let’s go. That’s when we were all “hell no, you not leaving this place until the Babylon come and we deal with that bullshit” Mamadou gets inside of the car, it was a narrow street with construction at the end of it, tells Bonnie to jump in and control the bag. But since the end of the street was blocked, we knew they would have to turn around and come back our way. I told Morenasso, get your car and block the road on this side. Mamadou drives away, and me and Santos and Tecas run after him, even though we knew he now was blocked on both sides. But when he got close the construction side, he told the girl to get out of the car, grab the fence and open it. Santos held the fence. Tecas opened the car door and jumped in to try get his keys so he couldn’t run, half inside the car. Mamadou slams on the accelerator with Tecas half inside the car dragging him, and the girl still outside. Mamadou blew through the first fence but Tecas wasn’t having it still fighting, so Mamadou drive into a construction machine boom! To try shake Tecas. Tecas had 1 split second to pull himself fully in the car and sit on Mamadou’s lap, because had he not been fast enough, he would have lost his legs when Mamadou drove into the construction machine. While all this was happening on Tecas side, the girl fell and Mamadou ran over her leg while he was driving into the generator trying to hurt Tecas. Me and Santos went nuts. That is when I lost my Canadian and my Angolan side came in. The car had stopped, I ran to the car, to rip out the keys, while Tecas was elbowing the dude. Meanwhile the girl started attacking Tecas. So we yelled at Santos to get Mamadou out of the car, and magically the girl screamed and fell down. So now we have Mamadou and the girl out of the car. All the white people around were filming us, because we were all black, not a single one of them yelled out they were calling the police, leaving me and Santos to try manage the situation. Morenasso meanwhile was on the phone the whole time talking to the popo, and blocked off the other side of the street with a fence, and I pull Tecas out of the car to check if he was ok. The rest is in the video. Mamadou got back in the car with the girl, and even tho his car was wrecked, he blew through that 2nd fence. That part is on the video… the first fence with Tecas, grand theft auto shit we didn’t get on camera.

Let me just conclude this shit. All in all, they ripped through the second fence totally destroyed the car, the cars were blown, the engine was burning, Tecas and Santos wanted to drive after the car to see how far it could go, but I got worried and told them not to because I am traumatized from running after people that doing suspicious activity. Morenasso all this time still talking to the phone. The ambulance came, the police came, we gave them Santos video of the dude and his face and doing all that GTA stuff. The cops were good, but they were not getting it. As soon as we played the video to the cops, the cops eyebrows went up, they were shocked. They did a search on the vehicle and that was a stolen vehicle, stolen two days ago, and apparently Bonnie and Clyde were heavy drug sellers and were being hunted by the police for previous incidents. That explains the bag situation, that the girl didn’t drop even though the dude ran over her leg.

We had to go to the police station today and file a complaint. While Tecas was inside being checked for injury, the police were talking to us, and they thought we are all Canadians because we were so cool about the situation and that is not something that normally happens over here. I am sure that if I was not here, Mamadou was gonna get really fucked up because my boys were really not playing.

Moral of the situation is, if we had touched Mamadou and kept him right where he needed to be, the police would have arrested us and we would not have a video to show his vandalism and we would be the ones sitting in prison for being 4 against in 1. The Canadian ways worked!

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