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Good morning Paris! Or should I say, bonjour! Just reached yesterday, went out. I saw my boy Berto, I saw my girl Laho, you know Berto and Laho in the same room, the original Gindungo artists, and I felt wow. A beautiful kizomba and semba night, organized by my boy, next to Moulin Rouge. Oh my god. Voulez vous couchez avec moiiiiiii? Christina Aguilera, I’m feeling you girl.

We gotta talk about Senegal, because that girl, ouff! listen, one of the most beautiful faces I saw on this earth came out of Senegal, she was beyond gorgeous. I’m not talking about being with you, just a beautiful soul and an angel face. Just look at the picture bro, for real. Senegal, wtf, y’all niggas make babies that look like this?! Oh lord. You making me sing Burma Boy right now.

Angeli, Angelina, you dey cool my temperature
If you call, I go come deliver
I no go fall e your hand, never
Say na me you go love forever
Omo khaki no fit be leather
Oh my Angeli, Angelina
Oh my Angeli, Angelina

On de looooooooow on de looooooooow on de looooooooooow…

Sounds like Andale Andale the fastest rat from Mexico aka Speedy Gonzalez.

Yes mi Gente, I’m in Paris. Link me.

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