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Ça va, mi Gente? C’est votre gars, sans filtre ni restraint Dr. Kizomba qui vous écrit de Paris. Ok ok ok I got a little carried away, I was already starting in Français since I am in Paris, but you know what I was saying. I was saying wassup wassup wassup it’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucker in France.

Everywhere I go I need to find my hood. I need to find my goons. And you know what? In Paris, self explanatory. These are some of the coolest motherfuckers I’ve ever met. The fashion and the way these niggas are swagging is just on a whole other level. Let me start by thanking Mr. Edson Tecas the only other nigga born on April 20 like myself. The original marijuana day. As soon as I hollered at him and he knew I was in town he stopped everything he was doing and took me all around, he took me to the outskirts of Paris. He took me to the ghetto, where you see me with these goons, he took me to the barber shop, market. Took me to his house. I got to meet Miss Jo in person – I’m a big fan – and their daughter.

If you guys don’t remember, everyone that know me know that fuck up a plan A we move to plan B #burnaboy. Years ago I invited Tecas and Miss Jo to come to Montreal to bless us with their amazing skills of semba and kizomba and I organized a weekender with them. But unfortunately due to circumstances that have nothing to do with you, they couldn’t make it. So what I did, because I was literally stuck with over 250 tickets sold already. I did not understand, that’s a lot of people who bought, people from different places, all over the city because that’s how amazing Tecas and Miss Jo were. And I only found out at the last minute that they couldn’t come. I was like shiiiiiit, I can just reimburse the money to everybody or fuck up a plan A we move to plan B. I organized a plan B. The name of the event was actually Plan B Montreal Mini Kizomba Congress. So I called my two buddies. First, I called my brother Fabricio. I’d just met my twin in Russia, the organizer put us in the same room, I didn’t know who he was, he didn’t know who I was, we bonded, but bonded forever, and of course you guys know how much we’ve bonded. So I called my brother Fabricio and told him “nigga you have 1 hour to drop everything and make it to the airport, I am buying you a ticket right now to Montreal.” And at the time he was organizing one of the big events in Rennes, near Paris. But my nigga dropped everything, took a train from Rennes to Charles de Gaulle and got on a plane to Montreal. And then I called my other brother which already I had a great relationship with him because I had worked with him so many times and until today I have a great friendship with him, he is just my guy, and that was Ennuel and with him came my sister Hakima. I told them “guys, drop everything, you are going to the airport right now, you are coming to Canada”. All this was happening a few hours before the event started, half a day before type of shit. And then, I made an announcement. I went to Facebook, and I put a message to everyone who bought their passes because some people were already in Montreal, arriving on the Thursday and I said “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tecas and Miss Jo are not coming. And if you want your money back, please just send us an email and I will reimburse but if you wanna continue, we have these 3 amazing artists coming and now the event is called Plan B”. So all in all, that’s how deep my relationship is with Tecas and Fabricio and Ennuel and Hakima became. Crazy type of shit.

So after me saying all that, there is more that happened yesterday. Me and Tecas and Santos went Kizomba n’Rua and guess who was there? Ennuel. Shiiiiit. I think I wrote a lot. So let’s just say this story to be continued because I have to talk to you about how I saw Berto, I saw Tyron, I met new Angolans… it’s just too much. Gimme time to enjoy Paris, ok? And I’ll write after.

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