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Little nephew. I asked you what you wanted and you told me Fifa2019. Shit, I look at my pockets, I was like that shit gonna be expensive little nephew. But I didn’t told you, of course not. Because when I was a kid your mother aka Big Cousin made it happen. Anything I needed, even when she possibly couldn’t, but she always found a way. So I put my Michael Jackson Jackson on, red with some zippers, and I walked to the store and I copped that for you. By the time you reading this – Michael Jackson is my superhero, ok? I’m just impersonating, instead of calling Batman or Superman… Michael Jackson – when I gave you the game, the smile on your face was priceless. Was like a new world opened. Cuz your mom was complaining that that was what you were asking for since last year. Little nephew, keep your head up. Uncle got you. Even if there is no way, we find a way. Uncle is back in Canada doing the damn thing which is dancing.

Hasta la vista baby and I’ll see you real soon kiddo.

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