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Good morning good day, it’s your boy Dr. Kizomba aka unapologetic motherfucker. Border patrol! Oh shit. They called me back again, asked me why I travel so much, what I do, why I’m so special. The real question is: Dr. Kizomba, why your passport so full of tattoos and why you have a nose ring, man bun, cross earring in the side, purple glasses, are you some kind of star? 45 mins waiting for 5 mins of questions and they made me miss my flight. Wtf. Now they put me on another flight to San Antonio via Atlanta. Oh well, I guess it’s life. You know I just wanna get to BIG festival cuz my boy Lee Rios is really the shit and I can’t wait to go and support my brother’s event because I feel that’s my event too.

America America sweet America. Being 2 weeks in Portugal I almost forgot about the ways that we live right here. When you look like a drug dealer, you are a drug dealer. But I don’t deal drugs, I deal steps. No, I’m not changing my look, heeeeeell nope nope nope. I will always and forever look like Chabba Rangs and I’m not changing my voice, that motherfucker is gonna be deep as fuck. The agent was pretty dope tho he was laughing with me I side, and he told me “this is just ridiculous, I don’t know why they send you back.” Well, let’s keep everything on a good note right now, let’s keep positive. I left the airport because I don’t wanna stay in that environment, and I will have to pass the border again. It would make me upset to have to spend 7 hours sitting in the airport in my own city. I’m gonna go home, smoke some you-don’t-need-to-know, and come back relaxed as fuck.

Security was laughing because when they told me to take my computer out of my bags, I took out my computer and my PlayStation, and they were laughing at me because I travel with my PlayStation. I told them wherever I go, my Fifa2019, my NBA 2k19 and my Grand Theft Auto Online gotta be with me. 36 years old and still a gamer, a strong gamer. Ask your kids, I will whoop their asses on this machinery, online.

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