Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon

Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon. Man you guys don’t know what happened to me last night at B.leza. I was hanging out partying dancing, Mauro hooked me up to teach a semba class with him and other instructors. You already know your boy Dr. Kizomba delivered, made everybody laugh, never felt so comfortable teaching in Portuguese. I felt natural, all my jokes were going smoothly the way they were supposed to go. I did not have to try because it was just natural. Me being a party boy, at the end of the night I’m partying, outside talking to people, guess who screamed “Dr. Kizomba!!! Wassup?!” The nigga that did that song Sacanagem, the nigga called Preto Show! I was like, Preto Show, man, nigga! We made a party outside of the club. He was like “hold on right here, I am gonna come back and take you to another party”. I was like, ok, waiting. And Preto Show came back and got me, and took me to another party! Everybody was looking at me hanging with Preto Show and thinking I was some kind of artist or popular guy because I was hanging out with that guy. That shit was surreal. You know what the cool thing about it? Man, he’s famous, he’s overly overly famous. He doesn’t need me. I felt wow, a guy like that is respecting your little Dr. Kizmba. Don’t get it twisted with the word Little – I know who I am, but I also know there are artists that are beyond incredible and he is one of them. And you know what’s so funny? I did not have my phone with me, so I could not take no pictures to tell you or show you. Daaaaamn! Like Burna Boy said, “on the lowwwww, on the loowwwww, on the lowwww you dey cool my temperature Angelina Angelina Angelina” I’m listening to that stuff on repeat right now.

I saw old school folks, and I saw new school folks.

Something happened that I need to tell you guys. I was tipsy and I just remember being at the coatcheck because the owner is my friend anyway. One black girl was trying to pick a fight with me. I was not letting her having it, you know me I always gotta have the last word. Typical, unapologetic, heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, imagine in Portuguese now. I had the first last and extra last word. I was wearing jeans overalls, and she was all “oh you shouldn’t talk, look at what you wearing, you look so gay.” All serious, I asked her “what is wrong with gay people? You gonna call me gay and I am gonna get all offended? Nah. I love gay people. Your fashion is all fucked up, girl. You come to the club with your edges all fucked up. The corner of your hair needs some brushing.” I was gonna go more deep into her, but then I looked her up and down, but then I decided that this woman need someone to justify her reasons in life, and that wasn’t gonna be me. Then this Cape Verdean came to me and said “I was filming when that bitch called you gay.” I was like “dude, no don’t worry about it, I am Canadian, there is absolutely nothing wrong with gays, and actually I am flattered because the best fashion comes from gay people, don’t you know about Gianni Versace motherfuckers? If you don’t, Netflix can help you. They have a new series about his assassination. Go learn and take some notes. But I’m not gay.”

Angeli Angeli Angelinaaaaaaa

I’m going to Paris, I’m jumping on the plane, and see the Eiffel tower, let me eat some caviar, and whatever they eat in France, a lot of cheeeeeese and wine à la Française. Fabricio, Paraiso, I’m coming to destroy your city.

Angeli Angeli Angelinaaaaaaa

Don’t forget to put the 3 dots (…) after you read every thing. Its your boy Dr. Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucker!

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