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Good day Mi Gente. I feel like it’s been a while that I have written to you guys. I dunno, I just have that feeling. Everything is ok, I just been hustling a little harder for no reasn whatsoever. I guess it’s just the habit. By now some of you guys already know that finally the Afrobeat Workout with Dr. Kizomba (drkizomba.com/Africa) is online. Now you no longer have a reason to not be on the kuduro and afrohouse animations. After you complete this program, you’ll be ready and set to go. Like Elephant Man to say, good to go.
Today was a quiet day. I just got up after a crazy party last night. I just remember that me and Marcus and Julie and another 2 girls that I got to know and Matias Damasio – that’s my new student that look like Matias Damasio – we went to Blizzard and we fucked shit up. Hennessy and Pineapple juice to the bone. Woke up today and I said to myself, let’s go look pretty. Myself said, ok. I went to Baby, retress my hair. Currently I’m at the barber shop shaping my hair with a nice fade and lineup, getting ready for Baila Con Gusto, I dunno, probably I will go there tonight.
You gonna hear from me pretty soon!
Bonus: I’ve been sitting taking a soup in a Subway restaurant on the corner of Pie-IX and St-Catherine. And I’ve been watching these guys that clean the windows. You know, your car stops, they throw some water and they clean your windows and ask for tips. I saw one guy that stopped the car, let the guy clean his windowshield and then gave him a good tip. The guy was really happy. The moral of the situation, the moral of what I just saw, was sometimes we give attitude to those guys for no reason. I know your windows can clean themselves with the wipers, but I just saw a genuine smile that on someone that clearly was something that I would call work.
#Hennessy | #Blizzard | #Montreal
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