Day 58 | Vodka Watermelon

Mi Gente. Your boy is bawling because I missed Yuri Da Cuhna’s show last night 😭but… instead I went to work and you already know… I had an amazing party. 😛

Woke up ate some bacalhau, finished with some sangria and some other stuff I can’t put on social media, feeling kinda zombie 😉listening to Migos. I’m gonna be the next member of Migos, I think. They need me. Selekta will be my name. #whiteTshirt

Look out for my workshop at Dance Factory starting at 4 o’clock. Your doctor has a private after the workshop. Sunday your boy is gonna spend the whole day at the beach not doing anything, just staring at the water. 🌊☀️ That’s my way of saying goodbye to Lisbon.

It’s been a great time. I’m fully loaded, gotta lot of energy to spend, can’t wait to go back to Mtl and see my team. 2 days to go. Can’t believe all that’s happened.

It’s a weird thing but I’m gonna have to say that if that asshole hadn’t stolen our papers on June 1 none of this would have happened. Longest forced vacation in years. I’m not gonna say kudos to him, but I will say it was one of the biggest experiences I’ve had in a long time. I un-thank him for having sticky fingers. 58 days of meeting such great ppl, or discovering who are my friends old and new, or eating 10 bacalhau a day. Can’t complain.

Now your doctor is gonna stick a bottle vodka into a fresh watermelon and let it soak. 😁 Vitamins, Mi Gente. I do it for the vitamins in the watermelon.

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First published on Facebook on July 29th, 2017.

Photo cred: Ludmila Tolentino

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