Day 57 | Nostalgic Motivation

Rise and shine, Mi Gente! Your doctor woke up early 🌞. Last night I went to my last Muketo in Lisbon. They changed the location, it was super packed. Unreal. Saw some friends, the weather was fantastic. Definitely I’m gonna miss that night 🌜. Came back home and watched the TV show Suits πŸ‘”. That TV show is so amazing, it gave your boy a different perspective on business. I already applied one of the rules to one of my future gigs and I definitely nailed it. #standyourground

Your doctor is already on his 4th private class in Lisbon, and won’t stop till I get on the plane ✈️ . The students are getting fast results, I can see it in their smiles. They went out and had success because they could follow better. Their boost in confidence makes me happy. They were so shy about their dancing, they wouldn’t leave the house but now they enjoy it so much they are planning on coming to Gindungo to continue training with their doctor and meet my soulful team. πŸ€—

Someone tagged me on Facebook in an old picture from when I’d just started Kizomba Canada. Back then, after graduating from Poli Sci in TO, I told my friends to gimme a year to see if I could succeed as a dancer instead of pursuing a career in something related to my studies. That old pic, with your boy looking all clean cut and young, is taken at Espace Des Arts where I & my school still am, 7 years later. It made me proud to see that here in Lisbon, reminding me of all I’ve done and how far I’ve come. Can’t wait to go back and continue at this job I started a long time ago. #nostalgicmotivation

Thank you to all my readers. Appreciate your persistence in liking and commenting on the posts πŸ‘. The more you give feedback, the more I want to write. When I am back in Mtl I’ll continue writing about the new chapter, the #stuckincanada tour. We will put it online onΒ so that everyone can follow the diary from #day1 to #day60. You already know, it’s gonna be an amazing read. Can’t wait to start my new project.

But first, your doctor needs a nap 😴 . Waking up early is not my thing. Laters, mi Gente!


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First published on Facebook on July 28th, 2017.

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