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Wassup Mi Gente, it’s your unapologetic motherfucker aka Dr. kizomba at the airport of Lisbon, staring at my flight going back to Montreal, with tears in my eyes.

This definitely was one of the most memorable trips I ever had: reconnect with my roots, reconnect with my family, reconnect with my homies and connect with Portugal and Paris. This trip was surreal that I learned a lot from the people that I always admired. From Tecas to C4Pedro, from Santos to Fabricio and Paraiso. For all the love that I got from my peers, they reassured me that I was doing a good job. Sometimes, I’m gonna be honest with you, I’ve gotten to the point of doubting myself. Not because I wanted to doubt myself but because of the hate and envy around yourself that makes you check yourself. In my city, if it weren’t for my students, I would have been gone a long time go. In my city, the jealousy from my competition is caused by my existence, pure and simple, it’s not even caused by what I do, just by my existence. I saw similarities as soon as I went to Paris and visit Tecas. In my eyes, I only see amazing, but the way people portray and betray and talk about Tecas, they make it sound like he is a bad man. Besides his pettiness, which is the Angolan way, I saw a lot of love from the students in his city for Tecas, which I rarely saw for anyone else. On the other side, all this hate that I saw on C4Pedro made me think twice about people that love you are so quick to hate you when they disagree with you. But one thing they don’t understand is that everybody is human, and no matter Big you are, you still have a kid inside that can say silly things. Fame and money doesn’t equal that you are God. Leonard da Vinci I’m sure he was a funny ass guy, even if he was a genius. If we had only listened to him talk, we wouldn’t appreciate him the way we appreciate him now. People, this trip really taught me a lesson: stay connected to my roots and protect the ones doing awesome because there is nothing but crabs in the bucket of these streets.

Lisbon, bye bye. See you soon.

What a trip.

I’m out!

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