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Dear Paris,

Judith told me if I come to Paris and I don’t take a picture of the Tour Eiffel, it does not count. So I had to make that trip and snap that picture that you is seeing right now. Just one pic, just me and that tower, just the two of us…

🎶Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
(Just the two of us)
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I🎶

Sitting down around Rue Rambuteau looking at people eating ice creams and walking, every single second is a different person in front of you, with a different tourist with a different ice cream with weird colors, ice cream like you put it on the earth and the licking it… ooh those are pistachios! Lot of trottinettes and scooters. And the fashion. The fashion!!! Omg they so well dressed and funky looks. I never saw so many niggas with purple dreads, like my nigga with a blue beard. I belong in Paris, I should put an Eiffel Tower on my neck, talking about a tattoo. It’s really a chill fucking place, you should come. Dominique Wong, i saw the real fucking Louvre museum, I’m still looking for the Mac and I’m looking for the Tate, but trust me imma get those pictures.

I saw the bridge where you put the locks of love but I didn’t take no picture, ain’t no lock to be put, you wanna get my dick cut or something? Flavie would uppercut my ass. Oh the ladies in sun dresses, too bad I cannot be looking at that! But I will encrypt the image and decrypt it when I see my boys. It’s a French thing.. nah nah nah, I forgot, it’s a Paris thing. Dogs that look like wolves in small sizes. Tourists that look like they not tourists in different languages. And the kids walk by themselves, looking like they have no parents. No I am not gonna y’all about the dirty side of Paris, which hurt me a lot, where Africans and other Eastern Europeans living on the streets in tents, asking for money on the highway. That part is sad inside of me. Because with all the money you guys made on Cognac… hey there is a city called Cognac. Does that mean there is a city called Hennessy? I didn’t Champagne was a region. I guess Moet de Chandon is a house… of champagne.

Oh beautiful Paris. Je t’adore. No, Montreal, I love you more, don’t get jealous, I’m just jealous. I love my Canadian ways, it made me a better man, much more understanding, it made me enjoy more life and see things much more simply.

If you never been to Paris, book your flight and come by yourself. Witness. Send me a DM. Inbox your boy. I will tell you the places to go. But these ladies gotta stop biking with short dresses on. Their couchies are all over the place, bro! That’s not sexy, it’s vulgar. Nobody wanna see your vajayjay, what if you start sweating? Okay, too each his own.

Don’t forget the 3 dots (…) if you got to this point. And don’t forget to laugh, it is a joke.

Paris Paris Paris. Parafrance. I’m out!

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