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Good day Mi Gente. Last days in Paris, still enjoying. Went to party with my homies. Last night again the boys went to a beautiful boat, Brazilian buffet on top, Kizomba downstairs. Next to that famous library, 4 buildings with open books. Again with my boys Tecas and Santos hosting their boy Dr. Kizomba like nobody else. What a beautiful thing.

Today woke up, had to check out of my airBnb. I found myself a Caribbean restaurant in the Center of Paris, by Rue des Halles. I did not try the food yet, because I am waiting, but when the food comes I will show you my plate. There you go, here’s my plate. Living like a Japanese, picture picture, never thought I would do something like that. I guess I’m just getting old.

Everybody is blasting my boy C4Pedro for doing an interview about kizomba and mentioning mixing kizomba and salsa, also mentioning how if people use violins in our songs, they can put their twist on our steps. A lot of crazy stuff being said. But my point is, let’s not judge C4Pedro because everybody makes mistakes. Well, that was a little bit a big mistake. I watched the interview maybe 20 times on repeat to try understand but it was hard. So let’s not judge my boy because I really believe it’s a misunderstanding. I love C4, man. For ever single artist coming out of Angola, please be aware of what you say on social media because that can affect your career. It can be the simplest thing and you can definitely destroy your career. Please be aware of that.

I think I’m gonna go take that picture on the Eiffel Tower. It’s a must. It’s very important and it’s necessary.


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