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Home sweet home. Maaaaaaaan, I miss Montreal. My ways, my paths, the people that I know from the convenience store, to Baby my hairdresser. Hochelaga neighborhood… my hood. Skateboard park by Préfontaine… my playground. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I love my city Montreal, like I love Vans.
Okay, enough of that. I’m making my hair puuuuuurty for the Dr. Kizomba Show today at 4 oclock. Let’s just say 4:30. Let’s put the machine on our timezone and stop this madness. Speaking of madness, why your dance partner doesn’t talk at the workshops?? That will be the topic of today, where we not gonna have no bull no bias and all the shade will be open like sunshine coming from Pettyville Island. Now if you feel guilty and you wanna redeem your macho ego without going to UFC and trying some elbows on your face and then you will understand that the real machos come from the fighting clubs… well feel free to comment But let me advise that my Dr Kizomba Top Fans have no mercy, and they are so intellectually active that your facts are going to be exposed live on camera. No this isn’t a threat at all! This is an invitation for the ones that want to protect their doings! Why doesn’t your partner talk at the workshop? Explain that to me. And for all the ladies that wanna have a good dance and execute that moves that you taught to the leaders at the workshops but they don’t have a follower’s clear explanation of what they supposed to do… you not helping! I’m not talking about 60-40-30-0, I’m talking about 100-0.
See you soon gang gang! On Youtube and Facebook. I wanna so put it on IGTV…
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