Why doesn’t your dance partner talk?

Is she mute
Are you afraid she is gonna get more popular than you
Do you have to pay her 50-50 if she talk

Why doesn’t your dance partner talk?

Ok mi Gente it’s your unapologetic motherfucker Dr. Kizomba presenting the Dr. Kizomba show. We back with the most awkward topics ever. Throughout my travelings I have noticed a repetitive behavior for some of my colleagues and I yet don’t understand why. And the question that I have to those is Why does your dance partner not talk at the workshop, specifically. I mean… the ladies will be happy to learn from a woman. Like listening to a woman’s advice. Not your mouth nigga! So the only important person to learn from is the guys?! I’m gonna let you marinate on that shit and really hardly think about is this a macho behavior or just a culture that we need to break.

The Dr. Kizomba show is back with a lot of hot topics for us to discuss. Stay tuned for this interview! More details to come.

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