Day 49 | Calgary: Day 2

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. It’s two hours back from Montreal, so I believe it’s about 1pm in Montreal. Day 49 of no alcohol drinks and smokes free. Hung out a little bit yesterday at the after-party, but of course since I am in cowboy land, my hype of yesterday was the photographer. They had a cowboy photographer. That dude was crazy, I never saw somebody so happy taking a picture. He was everywhere, the guy must be good, I must say, because he was literally everywhere. I met some good old folks from New York. Saw my brother Giovanni Torres DJing yesterday, hung out a little bit with my brothers Eric and Edwin, we were talking about how I haven’t been to this congress in 7 years. Eric’s girlfriend asked me if I was performing today. I was like I dunno? But then, I thought, why not? I looked at Eric, and Eric said “Manuel we have a fixed price for performance.” I told him, “Eric, you know me. My price is my price with or without performance” and since I am a little bored, why NOT do a little performance? Oh well, I’ll do so some stuff probably later on.
On the other hand, last night, I remember my dream. It was like a mutant type of dream, I dunno where I got the idea for it, but for sure it was weird and entertaining. I was in my fucking planet, and we used some type of elephant-looking motherfuckers as transportation, and the agricultural part was by the sea. I was working as some type of farmer or some shit,  but I had the Manuel Dos Santos tendencies. I was a joker and I would joke with people. While I was doing my joking, someone, another human like nigga, was a pussy and didn’t take the joke so lightly, oh well. Like when I talk about flamingo dancing. And this dude was complaining to another guy, some kinda warrior type of shit, and this other guy was so irritated that he was talking shit to everybody, like he wanted to fight me or some shit. And for the first time in my life, well in my fucking dream, I was avoiding the conflict. And I was like WHAT THE FUCK?! I was arguing between my gangsta fucking self and my dream self that was a timid fucking person. I didn’t understand that! So then I was like, fuck this shit, nigga you wanna fight, let’s do this motherfucker. But, the guy instead of fighting, before the fight, he was doing some kinda black flip demonstration, he was flipping and flipping and flipping. I was like, this nigga is really doing this?! A mix of capoeira and trampoline jumping. I waited for the right moment, and then I grabbed his leg while he was in the air, and I just outbalanced him, no hard shit, just outbalanced that motherfucker, and he smashed his head on the floor. I was like this shit is funny! The nigga felt a little irritated because I was messing up his warrior dance, I let him stand up and go pose himself, and the nigga went back to his flipping shit! I was, this nigga didn’t learn his lesson. Well as soon as that happened, I thought let me just superman punch this nigga. I ran to him as he was doing his flipping shit, and I was in the air, flying to superman this nigga… and then I woke up. Before I superman punched him. I was like FUCK! That dream was entertaining. I tried to go back to the dream, closed my eyes, go back to the same dream, but then I started dreaming about bubbles and shit. I even talked to myself in my dream, I said, nigga we need to wake up, this shit is boooooring. And like TV channel I just woke up, like I had a remote control and skipped the channel.
Current situation: starving! Like Marvin! Going downstairs to look what they have on the menu, and eat a little bit, this time I might choose another restaurant. But since I am a loyal person, I will just go back to my Asian bartender from the last restaurant and order another meal or choice of food.
My people, thank you for reading, one of my sober day posts. I will see you later! I have a workshop at 3 oclock! Oh shit, wait a minute. I just found out. The fucking clock is in the mirror. Look at this shit! I just noticed right now. I wonder if there are any more surprises in this motherfucker.
Well, more stories to come.
Mi Gente, make sure you got your Kizomba Canada leggings on deck! Because Calgary is getting theirs, and I only have one of each size in each color. I ran out of the medium Haitian blues!
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