Day 48 | Landed in Calgary

The flight was smooth. I was trying to play with the internet on the plane, on and off, off and on, all the above. I was able to upload videos on Instagram of me and Flavie yesterday dancing, which is not even Facebook yet, my people were getting the preview, I will post it as soon as I get to the hotel. The baby didn’t cry, not one time. Beautiful baby, if having babies is like this baby, challenge accepted. But since I know myself, I was a pain in the ass, still am, I don’t expect nothing but the worst, a trouble-motherfucking-maker.

Officially landed. And the baby start crying. There is a lady a little bit rude. She just brushed past the baby, like there is nothing there. People leaving the plane thinking that they are the only ones rushing. But oh well, that’s what happens when you panicking. You only see your problems. At this moment, it’s really good to take a chill pill. My eye is slightly better now, but I still need my shades to keep the light out. Feels good to land, the pilot was off the chain, he was able to land 20 minutes early, that’s new. I dunno what kind of highway he took in the sky, but he landed early. I took my shoes off as you see in the picture, favorite thing to do. That’s why you gotta have clean socks, so you don’t kill your neighbor. Nothing but coffees in the beginning. I slept once, knocked out for 45 minutes and then got back on my work vibe. Left my bag at the front of the plane, so I don’t struggle when it’s time to leave the plane. Just walk up front and pick them up, not that I am rushing, it’s just the way it is.

Well, I will write to you some more as soon as I leave the plane my people. Stay tuned, it’s your boy Dr Kizomba, #travelblogger. In Calgary I see nothing but snow, and they were talking about 12 degrees. I guess Montreal has nothing on this city. The flight attendants were nice but busy, the chairs terrible. If you thinking of booking your flight with West Jet, just think: terrible chairs. I saw some salseros in the front of the plane. Everybody rushing.

Just checked into the room. Massive room for 1 person; thank you to the Calgary International Salsa Congress for accommodating your boy Dr Kizomba. As soon as I landed I had my Albertan boy waiting for me with a “welcome Manuel Dos Santos” sign. I feel like an international at home. Give it up for Calgary Salsa Congress to represent Dr Kizomba in this motherfucker.

I think I’m gonna eat a steak right now and take a nap to recharge for tonight. I love the pictures inside the hotel because it’s all pictures of natives, that’s some dope shit. Calgary representing their natives, better than Montreal! At least from what I am seeing at the hotel. Everything is cowboy related here.

They don’t have burritos right here, and you know me I like my burritos. It’s cold here. Freeeeeezing, like a motherfucker.

I just ordered an 8 ounce steak with sweet potato fries, medium, and a orange juice, pomegranate juice lime juice and a splash of soda. Yay! I like my first bartender, this second one don’t look at the clients eyes. I don’t deal with that.

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