Day 48 | Calgary Toronto

Just landed. This plane so tiny I am gonna sit down. Just landed in TO, the plane is so small we gonna have to walk on the tarmac. That reminds me of Angola. Everybody is rushing like they all have something special to do. Let’s hope I don’t forget anything on the plane. And there you go. The strip is clean, it’s not as cold as Montreal, but I wanna pee so bad. I guess welcome to Toronto. I don’t even know when my next flight is.

Went to the washroom, it’s kinda weird being next to another man while peeing. Normally you leave a space in between. There was a dude peeing, I was peeing, we had a space in between and this weird motherfucker and came and started peeing between us. I had to give him a dirty look so he understand what time it is. You just don’t do that! Well, imma continue my journey at the Toronto airport. I see a lot of weirdos. It’s kinda weird because everyone speak English, and I am used to Montreal. Oh shit that’s my flight, they already boarding. Imma starve! It’s a long flight! Oh shit.

My seat. 21C. Hopefully nobody sitting next to me. This plane doesn’t have internet and there is a baby in front of me. Cute small baby, I think she is gonna fly sleeping. I barely made it to the flight, so let’s go Calgary.

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