Day 48 | Calgary, Here I Come!

Good morning. I gotta find out my seat. 13A. This is a tiny motherfreaking plane, looks like one of those ones on TV. Fast one to Toronto, and then switch to Calgary for the Calgary Salsa Congress. Didn’t sleep this morning. Woke up with Amber Rose sending text messages for a mutual group for a Congress we had in Chicago. Thank you so much Amber Rose for keeping me awake. I dunno if she was at work or something but she was typing. Evian water, natural spirits in one hand, coffee in the other. While I was walking on the plane, I forgot my shades on and the flight attendant told me to take my shades off. I was lucky to get in a tiny plane nobody sitting next to me, that made me feel a little big. They had to remove some bags from the cabin, because they couldn’t fit in the overhead. Me, I wrapped all my leggings and my clothes in one small bag. Experience, military packing. Fold your clothes like a burrito. Oh the flight attendant told me to take my headphones off but I didn’t yet. I got one of them black wireless headphones you cant even see them. I am still talking on the phone. Oh now she coming back to control my ass, I’m gonna pretend to look out the window.

Calgary here I come for another amazing congrses. It’s your day 48 of alcohol free and smoking free, it’s starting to feel natural. Listening to the new album of the Weeknd crying all over Selena Gomez. Selena you must have the pumpum of a Godiva, if you got the Weeknd and Justin going crazy over your pumpum. The nigga even mentioned he was gonna give her an organ, I’m like okay that some other type of shit. And now she with another nigga. Imagine if he had given her a kidney and she now with another nigga! I would ask for my kidney back! Okay stop being sensitive. It’s my post I can write whatever I want.

Good morning! As I write it’s 6:21, and by the time I post this, it’s gonna be 8:00 unless they have wifi in the air. Good morning! I didn’t even sleep yet. Second trip of Dr Kizomba, starting feeling natural. Yesterday, Baila Con Gusto class on deck. Yesterday, I got to make another video for Manuel and Flavie page, and as well recorded new material for the VIP club on Starting to feel natural. My eye is feeling a little better.

They going through the security features. The plane is rolling. Ok, let’s fly a little bit.

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