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Omg. Let me just start by telling you that my workshop today was at motherfucking 10 oclock. These motherfuckers are really joking with Dr. Kizomba, I don’t know who is giving these people these ideas, but this was organized by my brother, so this was his idea this 9oclock or 10oclock bullshit. I didn’t know people actually show at 10 oclock in Edmonton. I gotta give up for my girl Nerissa who woke me at 8:45, she showed up at the crib for her private. I asked for a coffee and the owner of the house is Scottish, these motherfuckers only drink tea. I’m like you waiting me up at 8oclock or 9oclock I dunno, to make me drink tea? I was like okayyyyyy, I really am in another country. Oh wait I am in Canada, okay. Just next to Yellowknife. I guess that’s what the North Pole motherfuckers do. But I’m gonna tell you, that bed makes my bed really embarrassed. At one point I thought I was swimming in the ocean. The bed is so big, I even lost myself inside of the bed. I just suggest my people you have a lot of money. If you have money you gonna live so comfortable. You can reach with style, that’s called money. Have a lot of money, don’t get it twisted. No matter what you do for work, make sure your capital is fucking right. Get your finances straight, because the way these people are living out here, they aren’t surviving, they are living. I am surviving, shiiiiit. I’m not talking about the dancing, because I am living my passion but to be honest with you, I wanna go to places whenever I want to go to places, because I have friends all different area codes, and I need to visit them. Now, the way I see my friends is that they hire me and I go and work. Which is not bad, come on, but on the personal level… you know. I am just talking shit right now because I am just amazed at how these people are living. The house is super nice.
Now, we gonna drive to Calgary, get some food, get some tequilas and tacos, T&T. The workshops today, you know what? I am getting good at this shit. But the workshops today were just phenomenal. Do you know that today I asked a simple question. Show me the basic steps of salsa. They showed me. I asked show me the basic steps of bachata. They showed me. And then I asked, show me the basic steps of kizomba. They start side to side, 1-2-3, stuttered like a motherfucker. I was like see? I told you those instructions are on some bullshit. Now you understand why. Everyone looked me with a stunned face. They got their epiphany, they looked like shiiiiiiit, this guy really IS the doctor of kizomba. Then I explained it to them. The same way you dance salsa, and the same way you dance bachata, in kizomba from your basics you form other steps. Since from your basics you form other steps, that means that the basic steps of kizomba is THIS one. They were like oooooooooooooooooooooh. I was like yes, from this step you can go and do other steps. They looked at me like this makes a lot of sense we don’t get off the music, this is so much easier. But of course my readers, I am not gonna teach you that now, you gotta come to my workshops and then you gonna have the same epiphany.
But right now, Imma have to let you go, because we are on our way. Cuban movement on deck, my brother Leo is with me, we got the girls with us. Lets go to cowboy land, Calgary here we go, we have another party tonight to rock. And workshops tomorrow, all day. Mi Gente you already know the drill. Let’s be nice, let’s be positive, let’s support the movement. My people in Calgary you already know your cowboy is coming, and let’s make these cows scream KIZOMBA!
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