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Hello hello. Here’s the deal. My people tonight Spooktacular latin party with your boy Dr. Kizomba. You already know, it’s gonna be a Cuban affair mixed with Kizomba and Salsa and all that good stuff. My people, all my friends that live in this area, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary, Yellowknife, Vagina oh no oops, Regina, yall niggas need to show up right now. Because your boy Dr. Kizomba is right here. Even if we say the party is sold, don’t believe it. We can pack this motherfucker like it’s an African party. Bring your babies, fuck that don’t bring your babies because y’all niggas are popping out babies like nobody’s business. Motherfuckers are competing with my dad and my dad had 37 kids and 3 died. So my dad had 40 motherfuckers that came out of that guy’s spermatozoid. #cubans But today is not about babies, you already know. Today is about the Spooktacular night by my brother from another mother Leo, aka Leonardo, aka the guy that is in the pictures with me. Respect this nigga, love this nigga, follow this nigga. He’s just like Douglas Lee Ortiz from Puerto Rico, you got Leo from Cuba you know my Latin American brotherhood is loooooong man, and my African brotherhood doesn’t pass Fabricio. You can laugh its ok, I know I’m funny that’s nothing new.

Alright my people, the class is gonna start in about 5 minutes, so I gotta wrap it up and we continue the party right after.

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