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Good day motherfuckers. How y’all feeling today? I’m at 75% but this coffee is gonna put me on 100% in 2 seconds and I got some nuts in my pocket.

Calgary. Well well well. How do I start? This niggas live sooooo good in Calgary, we are missing out with goods in life.  Like, its different, it’s just different, it’s a different Canada. I can see the motherfucking oil mines and shit. Bridges and a lot of fucking land. Like a lot of fucking land. You can just build a house right there! But they like their space.

Going back to the three mousquetaires, Dr. Kizomba, Leo and Marco, my Cuban link, well they definitely are putting me back in tune with my Dad’s side of the family. Marco did something incredible yesterday that I should write about because I think most of the folks that do Kizomba in different places need to understand. He cancelled his party because there were 2 parties at the same time already in town. He didn’t wanna jump on the mix, so he used his artist (aka Dr. Kizomba) to go and rock two parties at the same night with my best flow, shots of tequila. And then we ended up at a 3rd party, club type of shit. At one point I was in a latin club listening to my new best favorite songs Cual es to plan? by Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny is my new nigga he has a song out with Mark Anthony and Will Smith, a real banger! Real banger. At one point in the middle of the club I just found myself eating chicken so these latin people are on some nigga shit. The kitchen was open till 2oclock in the morning. You know what? I think Marco did a great job by actually bringing the community more tighter by doing that kind of stuff. He cancelled our party to please other people. Well… let’s see if people are gonna show up next time for him, because I am very skeptical about that kind of bullshit.

OMG you can see the whole city from here. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Whaaaaaaaat? A lot of fucking land.

Guys, the workshop will start in 30 minutes. Thank you so much Marco for not putting the workshop at 10oclock like Leo, so that I have time to sleep and wake up. Voodoo shit. Kizomba Semba Kuduro on deck.

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