Day 71 | Boston: 5 days to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente! You guys already know that yesterday I wasn’t very talkative right here on the internet. Don’t blame me, blame it on the movie theatres. Because myself and Mango went ahead to check out the Avengers movie and let me tell you. Boy, I got upset. I got a little upset about that situation. Because… well, I don’t wanna spoil you about what happened in the movie, so I recommend you guys to go and check it out before anything. That nutsack-looking chin motherfucker of the villain spoiled my motherfucking day. I don’t like that guy. He is a fucking crazy villain and I think he is the craziest villain I ever saw in my movie life. I guess I’m used to see villains dying at the end and shit, but I don’t wanna spoil your movie. So that little motherfucker nutsack-looking chin by the name Thanos, fuck you nigga. Fuck you! Fuck you. Fuck you. But I don’t wanna spoil your movie so go and watch this shit, and you gonna exactly understand what I mean. But anyway, was great to go out and watch a little bit of movies, because I am not used to go to the movies. After Wakanda, which was also part of this movie, but you know these motherfuckers tried to make it look white. Good thing I saw M’baku and some other Wakanda people at their best of course. But it was really good.

Now today, I had an amazing practice with the team. We had a visit from Dsantos VT. We all gonna be performing in Boston next week. A couple of private classes, making them students get at their best. But I am still upset about this motherfucking nutsack looking chin, so I cannot write too much. Oh yeah! I was happy to see my boy Redbones singer, Childish Gambino, is also in the movies because I love his show Atlanta. He is coming up in a dope Starwars type movie.

I’m gonna leave you like this and go back to my Playstation and focus on redoing GTA5 while waiting GTA6. I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto, Kodak black in this bitch.

Hey! Cosby is guilty. After more than 30 years or something. No comments. Yes, it’s just too many women for him not to have not done anything. Again no comments. Cosby, my nigga, I guess they not gonna allow you to buy NBC! I guess he is gonna be under mansion arrest. The world is getting crazy.

More comments to come, but let me finish my video game first. I don’t want no disturbance.

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