Day 72 | Boston: 4 days to go

Good morning Mi Gente. I know it’s past afternoon but your doctor had to wake up today earlier to deal with the government. Oh well. Let me tell you how that go. Taxes taxes taxes. Aka stealing stealing stealing. So you telling me that the money is going to the teachers, the hospitals, the roads, etc, etc. That’s great because it’s Canada, we well spread. The cops are doing their jobs. You saw that van attacking Toronto? That was the politest police officer I ever saw in my life. I mean, Americans, you should take some notes! The shooter was immigrant, the police office was immigrant. He pointed his gun at the cop more than 3 times, and that police officer had a chill pill on his stomach. Motherfucking 3C: cool, calm and collect. Didn’t flinch or get scared like the Americans do, and start shooting and ask questions later. Apprehended the individual without using judo techniques and smashing the guy on the floor, and cuffed him without choking him. No punches were exchanged when the man was down on the floor. Now that’s a good way for my money to go! If my money go to these niggas, then that’s well spent.

Now more of the dancing. Did you guys see the 10 year anniversary of kizomba & semba in Angola? Did you see the girl that lost her shoe but continued dancing as though nothing happened, because the show must go on? Recently one my brother’s emailed me about how some instructors are saying that kizomba cannot be performed. Did you see the swiping skills, inspirational moves that those kids were putting on the dance floor? Now that’s kizomba, my people!! Did you see the lack of flamingo influence on that motherfucker? Now that’s ginga, motherfuckers! And then instructors come here and talk about how kizomba cannot be performed. Shut the fuck up. And then the same instructors the week after, check their workshops. They gonna steal these kids moves and try be teaching people with their lack of ginga and their YouTube skills. Yes, I said it! Check their moves. You gonna see copy and paste, well not really copy and paste but more like copy and rough paste. I would say they too old to perform, but I’m not young, and I’m performing. I would blame it on genetics but they seem to do stupid shit in their life. I will just blame it on the brain because lack of inspiration is a motherfucker. Don’t even call it old school. Call it cock blocking. Preaching to the wrong choir. Great stuff is being done with these kids and we all should be inspired by them. So tune your eyes onto that Angolan competition so you can also get inspired.

On another note, very proud to have my team Dsantos VT coming from Vermont yesterday. After murdering them during practice, I had a little conversation with them and told them about the importance of keeping the roots and the ginga. My daughter Sarah Snow, my son Timoteo, Nina was there, welcome back to Jessica and a new member Sam aka Mr. Harry Potter. Jessica has a new nickname, Chicken Finger, I cannot get into details but one day I will tell that story. Mixed with my Montreal team we had an amazing practice. This week we going to be in Boston. We probably gonna do 1 or 2 shows. The family is big my people, the family is big. I dunno how many of us are going to be there, but I believe at least 15 of us are going. Or more! Wendy, get that AirBnb ready, because we gonna come and fuck shit up. Party boys and girls. Road trip. It’s gonna look like a Mad Max movie. I’m gonna be that crazy nigga on the nets. Coming to destroy Boston! Make sure all you guys that are around Boston to check the videos. We gonna come and have fun and dance with everybody like always. I’m actually very happy to be back on the road again. I’m very happy that I’m standing my ground and defending my team when sometimes people disrespect them because they think they know me by hearing what others have to say about myself without reading the instructions or the menu and turning the TV on. That’s fucked up.

I’m gonna leave you like this today because today is #gangstaphysique day 9. Let’s set these boobs on fire again. Chest day. Meaning… gym time! And then Kuduro time! I might surprise you with a #live. So stay tuned, because we going back to that green screen with more hot topics hot topics hot topics. Get your coffee ready!

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