Day 79 | Boston Was Unreal

Fell asleep in Boston, woke up in Montreal today. What a weekend. Saw a lot of old friends, met a lot of new people, that I am only able to see on Facebook and now I had the opportunity to see them live, in person. I gotta thank Wendy for organizing this event. It was a crazy experience, lots of laugh, lots of love, lots of cries, lots of wows. Eh, this the kizomba scene in USA my people. Don’t expect more, don’t expect less. Drama will always be there. Now, I understand why because I saw it personally. I am live on Facebook but people witnessed my live MC-ing skills. That was something to remember. Let me do some promotion time first, before I get lost on these comments. I gotta give it up for my Kizomba Canada and Dsantos VT family to be there with me. Yes, we went over 15 deep in this motherfucker. We brought children, we brought mamas, we brought dancers, we brought everything with us. We performed together, we stick together, we protect each other, like a good team should do. We taught workshops, again gotta thank Wendy and the team for organizing this event. Semba, kizomba and kuduro on deck. We performed 2 shows. We partied just enough to wake up the next morning and teach our privates and classes and much more to come. I usually don’t wanna comment on how the event went because if you were not there, make sure you get there next year and witness yourself. But I’m going live soon! And you can ask me the questions live, and I will answer you. One word: USA Kizomba scene, the name of the word is DRAMA. I will leave it like that.


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