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Just finished my hair by Baby, got a Moroccan lady as an Uber driver to drive me back home. Then I decided to take the metro to the barber shop, so that I can see and interact with my eyes, just look at motherfuckers and have something to write. It came to my notice that I see a group of immigrants, new immigrants to Canada that pretty much sat down the whole time and interacted with themselves and laughing at other people and having a good old time. But one thing they had forgotten is to let elders sit down. These immigrants looked young, and some old people came into the train, and they were so caught up in their moment that these people forgot their back home manners. Well, there is one thing that tripped me in this bullshit. It doesn’t matter what kind of color is the person in front of you, if that person is older than you, you should civil-motherfucking player get your ass up, and let the elderly person sit down. That is just common respect and physics. A lot of people complain about Canadians having lack of this and lack of that, and as a new immigrant or university student, those are manners that are at least expected. Again, I’m not judging, I’m just looking at motherfucking faces at the metro. Some of them are sad, some of them are anxious, some of them are weird, and most of them are inspiring.

The temperature right now in Montreal is rainy. Oh well, I guess this is the spring weather fantasy. If you go out, you dunno what the fuck you gonna wear.

As I am walking through the mall, damn, I remember I hate malls because of the amount of weirdos sitting down and not doing any shit. And the window shoppers as well. The cell phone camera contractors that give you bad credit when you young and then you cannot fucking pay the bills. Or the people that stay on the left on the escalator and cannot walk, they don’t understand that the place they supposed to stand is on the right and then you gotta tell them polite, get out the way. Like the Ludacris song, move bitch, get out the way, get out the way bitch get out the way. Or the girl that didn’t finish school and gotta work at the McDonald because she got pregnant early and she is mad at life because she made bad decisions, that’s not my motherfucking problem, bitch! As I’m just getting coffee, I just wanna remind you, those were your decisions, you didn’t listen to mommy, don’t blame it on a nigga that is walking happy.

Well, that is the current life situation, as I take the metro. Damn, that was a good ride.

And then I get to the barber. And realize that my barber has the best jokes ever, and the topic of today, I already know what it’s gonna be. Fucking Kanye West. Man, I used to love that nigga. Yes, I said it. I used to love that nigga. I don’t love him no more. I even forgave him the first time he spoke with Donald Trump. I was like, OK, my nigga needed some money. But now, nigga Kanye West are you really the same nigga that said George Bush don’t like black people? Because Jay-Z right. Your new name is Uncle Tom. Good thing I didn’t buy the Yeezus sneakers, because that would have to be another thing I would have to burn. I dunno what planet you live in, because Donald Trump is not an option. You mad at niggas or something, nigga?

Just finished at the barber.

For real tho. When did space in the metro just disappear… I was just standing at the door, and another nigga came up next to me. You know at the door, there is only space for 2 people. And this Negro just came and squeeze himself btw me and another lady. Squeezing himself, back up against us. Me and the lady just look at each other like, really nigga? Since when is that ok. Since when another man feeling another guy’s arm. Weirdo. I had to get out of the metro. Weirdo. This shit is getting like New York. No more metro, this is why I like my Uber. Too many weirdos. Ridiculous. I don’t understand. That’s some bullshit.

Before I go to the gym, I gotta put something in my stomach, a steak or something. I guess imma go to Eggspectation and do a little work on my computer and eat a little steak. Yo, my legs are hurting! This is not pleasant. I am not able to sit down, my ass is hurting.

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