Day 69 | Baila Con Gusto Recap

I know it’s late but I gotta get this post off my chest because otherwise I can’t sleep.

Today’s Baila Con Gusto class was amazing. Kudos to the students who are trying their hardest to dance kizomba or understand what kizomba even is. Kudos to my students to now know what they wanna do in the dance floor and basically say no to people when they are being mis-led into styles or forms of dance they they are not comfortable on it. Instead of letting people teach them on the dance floor, they are saying “sorry, not interested” and leaving people on the dance floor when they feel uncomfortable. But this wasn’t what I wanted to take off my chest.

What I wanted to take off my chest is I have a friend or someone that I thought was a friend because every single time I go out to dance I always I invite this woman dance with me regardless if no one wants to dance with her. I consider this woman a friend, because I invited this woman into my house when I had people in my house partying and eating and barbecues with students and friends. But unfortunately I have noticed that lately we don’t have the same circle of friends aka she is hanging out with people that I usually don’t hang out with. And because I have a relationship with her, she feel the need to comment while I’m dancing or straight up look at me up and down or comment on my students. But you know when someone is talking good or someone is talking shit about you, it’s just that feeling? I contested her once when she was talking to a mutual acquaintance and she was doing the same thing, looking at me and talking shit while I was dancing. After that, I questioned her. I was like “where you talking shit about me, because I have this vibe coming from you?” Her answer, “Manuel you a popular guy. You shouldn’t be worried when people talk about you. Good or bad, they still talk about you.” My brain was all RED FLAG. But hey, I was like let me let this slide because I was under the impression, you know that’s my friend, she didn’t mean it that way. Well today, I was dancing with a student of mine at Baila Con Gusto, and this same friend was on the shoulder of another nigga that I personally don’t have a problem with but the same exact vibe that she gave me before, she gave me again. I’m sure she was talking shit. I was like okay, this is a surreal moment. On my head, I was like I not gonna say anything but if this bitch try me, oops, there you go. As soon as she wasn’t around anyone that she was talking with, she come and she asked me to dance. Hypocrite motherfucker. I was like “not today old friend, fuck off. I’m not dancing with your ass because you a convenient fucking friend. When you next to other people, you talk shit about me. But when nobody is around, you remember who made you laugh and dance on the dance floor. Get you booboo ass outside of my face because I’m not dancing with you, I’m all about meditation and taking care of my soul, and people like you don’t deserve my attention or my energy.” Oh my god, that felt so good. 👌

I’m sure she is reading this message right now. So honey boo boo, now I gave you something to talk shit about. 😂

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