Day 33 | Gindungo: 1 pre-party to go

Good morning Mi Gente,
We had an amazing Kitaba Gindungo night. With DJ Paraiso, DJ Do Marcal, DJ Fofo Jah doing what they do best. We regularly don’t finish at 1oclock but oh well, since it is Gindungo week, indeed we finished at 1am. Talked all night long, accommodate the guests in our best way. More people is coming today. So my people welcome to Gindungo. We got Baila Con Gusto tonight. DJ the Best and Paraiso are going to be in the building with a big kizomba room. Of course salsa and bachata will be there as usual, it’s Baila Con Gusto, Mi Gente. In my opinion, one of the best events in Montreal. I will see all my people tonight.
On the other note, sober day 33. Drugs and alcohol free. Thank you so much for Fabricio and Paraiso for trying to get me to drink yesterday, but that was an epic fail, because of my wine glass of milk and Cheerios on top. Classic! As well, we welcomed Frans and Sarah. Yesterday Frans was giving Belarus a great history of kizomba, omg, I wish I could have taped it. But more information will arrive today.
See you soon Mi Gente, Eliza is almost here, and the rest of the gang is coming.
Wepa and Hasta la Vista, baby!
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