Day 34 | Gindungo: Day 1

Good morning Montreal. Baila Con Gusto has never been crazier before. The pre-party was off the chain, starting with a performance with Frans and Sarah that brought the house down and the big kizomba room – Louvre – still didn’t have space for all of us to dance and when the kuduro came on the house came down. Again. DJ the Best and DJ Paraiso did what they do best. Explosive pre-party! Yes, I’m talking about the official pre-party of Gindungo Festival, the 3rd edition. Most of the artists were already in town which made the party even more glamorous, and the atmosphere was over 2000% high! Now ppl get ready for Friday, that’s today. If you don’t have your tickets, you will cry. Start at 7pm with workshops and the official rooms will start at 9pm.
On the other hand, sober day 34 of non-drinking and smoking, still holding my cereals and milk in my wine glass. Let’s do this Montreal, it’s your boy Dr Kizomba officially unapologetic motherfucker and this was the daily report. Too tired to write more because I need to make sure these parties go smoothly. It’s the first time I am doing a sober event of this magnitude and so far so good. It’s funny to see how motherfuckers act when they have alcohol in their fucking system. Wooooooooow, I guess I was tripping before. Now, I can see it first-hand. Like they say, drink responsibly my people because you don’t wanna see your ass getting captured by the camera, the next day.
Wa-alaikum salaam!
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