Day 35 | Gindungo: Day 2

Good morning, but I am really talking about afternoon as we speak. Another day of Gindungo, actually the official 2nd day. Yesterday’s party was off the chain. Oh my fucking god. The house went down. I am not really talking about the house going down, but the party was flawless. The atmosphere, 1000. The vibes, a-freaking-mazing. The people, ooooh the people. The people were so beautiful. I can’t wait to see everybody at the workshops at noon in a few minutes. Some people are already there. 2nd day of Gindungo, montreal kizomba festival. Today is Saturday, yes. We have one last member coming in town, miss Facebook killer, Amber Rose, great vibes.
Check on the schedule for your workshops and social dancing as I am staring at the eyes of Yema Mdugue.
Mi Gente, it’s your boy Dr Kizomba, real unapologetic motherfucker. And I’m just clicking on the pictures of the festival that Mr Denis took… Wooooow. One word: GINDUNGOOOOOOOOOO! I must say, the guys did an amazing job last night. Shows, performances, energy, the party. If you see the capture you will understand what I am talking about.
Today is day 35 of soberness and day 35 of smoking free. Even though I am around all these drinks, I don’t feel like drinking and I see all these motherfuckers getting loud as fuck and sloppy and it reminds me of myself like how I used to be. But you know what? They are all having a great time and that’s what matters. I am happy to see my friends from around the world and people that I love all together and I can’t wait to see YOU soon.
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